Funding Now: Documentary "Flex is Kings" On Street Dance in Brooklyn
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Funding Now: Documentary "Flex is Kings" On Street Dance in Brooklyn


The feature length documentary Flex is Kings, helmed by Deidre Schoo and Michael Beach Nichols, is currently funding via Kickstarter with 20 days to go. Flex is Kings centers around the underground street dance culture called "Flexing," set in an impoverished and crime-ridden area in Brooklyn.

Filmed over two years, the documentary follows a group of young men as they organize and engage in dance battle competitions. Through this art form, they express their lives in the streets.

From the Kickstarter page:

Flex Is Kings looks at the culture of flexing, a unique and vibrant dance form in deep Brooklyn, and the realities of the dancers who practice it. We, the filmmakers, have followed a group of dancers for over two years and have shot over 275 hours of film.

Flex dancing channels the grittiness of East New York into choreographed violence: guns battle, bones break, and hearts are ripped from chests. Using dance to illustrate their everyday lives and their inner aspirations, dancers jump into beautiful and imaginative dream logic and feats of daring: monsters roam train cars, young lovers meet, souls fly from bodies.

  • You'll meet Flizzo, a charismatic showman who first dazzled us four years ago when a zebra finch flew from his mouth for a "punchline" during a show and brought the house down.  His attempts to juggle dancing with a new baby and dismal job market cast doubts on the practicality of continuing his craft.

  • Jay Donn's a stuntman who fears nothing, jumping off bridges and walls.  An opportunity to work with a prominent Brooklyn theater group exposes him to new possibilities as he travels to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to star in an unconventional adaptation of Pinocchio.

  • Soup tries to bury his violent past as he prepares for King of the Streets, but the night before the penultimate competition an act of violence forces him to choose between neighborhood loyalties or his art.

  • Plus, you'll meet Reem, the savvy creator of Battlefest, the ultimate DIY dance showcase; Storyboard Professor, the first King of the Streets and esteemed dance visionary, and so many more!

Check out the trailer below. Head over to the Kickstarter page HERE, if you're interested in supporting this project.

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