Fundraising Effort For Sequel To 2006 Campy Horror Movie "Holla"
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Fundraising Effort For Sequel To 2006 Campy Horror Movie "Holla"

If you saw and liked the first film, which Lionsgate released in 2007, then you’ll be glad to know that the team behind it are prepping to make a sequel. Read on…

By popular demand, our campy concoction of scares and laughs returns for a second serving. HOLLA BACK begins with the survivors of HOLLA being hunted, then flashes forward six years to New Orleans, where we find Monica (Shelli Boone), who left hollywood for the underground blues/rock scene of the Big Easy. She’s now the lead singer in a band with Caprice (Kali Hawk), who mysteriously survives her chainsaw attack in HOLLA. Monica and her new friends soon head off to a wedding at an old plantation house rumored to be haunted by murdered slaves. And once again, Monica finds herself fighting for her life as she and her guests are hunted and killed one by one in gruesome and violent ways. Who is the killer this time? Is her psycho sister Veronica back? Is it the ghost of a restless slave? Maybe it’s the jealous best friend Caprice? Or something even more sinister? Brace yourself for another night of screams, suspense, and laughs. HOLLA BACK IN 2012!

Curious? Watch the video below, and follow the Kickstarter widget underneath to read much more than what I pasted above.

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