Documentary 'Gentrified' Makes World Premiere This Saturday in NYC
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Documentary 'Gentrified' Makes World Premiere This Saturday in NYC



Last year we shared the crowdfunding campaign for director Jason Black’s new documentary “Gentrified,” which eventually surpassed some expectations, making 328% more than its original ask, and used to pay for national advertising (see below).

Directed by Jason Black, the broadcaster and host of the ever-popular UStream and YouTube show “The Black Channel,” the film is will make its debut this Saturday, February 11th at St. Francis College in New York City (Brooklyn).  This will be followed by releases next weekend in Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Detroit, and overseas in London.  Black also directed the very successful 2014 documentary “7 A.M.” which explores “why it’s a lack of businesses, not jobs, that makes Black people the poorest people in America.”

"Gentrified" billboard in Detroit
“Gentrified” billboard in Detroit

“Gentrified,” subtitled ‘Ethnic Cleansing: American Style,’ explores the “unspoken ethnic component” behind gentrification – serious economic upheavals affecting those living in what’s deemed historically economic depressed neighborhoods that have deliberately been denied resources, but steeped with intrinsically valuable homes that have once again been ‘found’ appealing. Interviewees include columnist and writer Michael Henry Adams, who is also part of the cultural heritage group ‘Save Harlem,’ New York City real estate brokers Willie Suggs and Thomas Lopez-Pierre, and D.C. based anti-gentrification advocate Milfred Ellis, to name a few.

You can get tickets for select screenings on the “Gentrified” website, read our interview with Jason Black from last September, and check out the intense trailer below.


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