George Foreman Feels Blessed To Watch His Life Story On The Big Screen In New Film
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George Foreman Feels Blessed To Watch His Life Story On The Big Screen In New Film

Former heavyweight champion George Foreman‘s story is on the big screen in a new film starring Khris Davis and Forest Whitaker.

Big George Foreman explores the journey of Foreman from humble beginnings in his hometown of Houston, Texas to becoming the renowned boxer and businessman that the world loves him as today. Not only does he admit that his life is nothing short of a miracle, but he reflected on still being here to share his story.

“It’s great because most great stories you read or hear or see about people…they’ve passed on,” Foreman told Shadow and Act in a recent interview. “I was able to not only watch the movie but enjoy it and still be alive and that Khris Davis, whew, what an actor. He didn’t do an imitation of George Foreman, he did the George Foreman…to the point where I was out there watching and liking it. For the first time, I liked every part of my life. Khris Davis brought it alive on the screen… what an actor.”

What’s more, Davis says his introduction to Foreman was through his infamous grills and being the guy who Ali defeated for the heavyweight title. The role showed him that he was much more than that.

“Everything was a shock to me,” said Davis. “I had no idea he stopped boxing for 10 years to preach at all, it blew my mind. I didn’t even know that he won the heavyweight title a second time. It was a shock to me how beautiful of a fighter he was back in the day. He wasn’t just a slugger,w I mean the guy could really fight.”

Forest Whitaker who portrays Foreman’s mentor and closest confidant, Doc Broadus, plays a character who is proof that sometimes all it takes is one person’s belief in you to jumpstart the life of your dreams.

“I think that George’s path to become a boxer was guided and started by Doc Broadus and it carried through in his life all the way to the first championship to the second championship no matter how they fell or how they faltered,” said Whitaker. “He was always by his side and it shows you that when somebody commits to you and moves you forward… you can achieve great things.”

Director George Tillman, Jr. says the mission of the film is to both entertain and educate.

“Something that I really love is second chances. George had a second chance to change his life,” Tillman expressed. “He was one way, the angry boxer who just uses his fist to solve his problems to the guy who let the fists go and he used his mind. And we see that in the movie when he says that with Forest Whitaker and what Forest Whitaker’s character teaches him. That’s something that I love is being able to get people to laugh, cry and have a good time. But then, at the same time, walk away with a message.”

Big George Foreman is in theaters now.