Got Questions For Melvin Van Peebles? Ask Them Now!
Photo Credit: S & A

Got Questions For Melvin Van Peebles? Ask Them Now!


Melvin Van Peebles will hit one of those milestone birthdays this year; the man will turn 80 years old on August 21st! I hope I'm lucky enough to live that long… and he's quite healthy too. I recall in recent years, seeing him running on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, putting guys 1/2 his age and younger to shame. 

And leading up to his 80th birthday celebration in a few months, I've been granted an hour interview with the maestro himself tomorrow afternoon; and while I'm certainly looking forward to it, I figured I won't hug the entire 60 minutes with just my own interests, and open up the floor to YOUR questions/comments you might have for the man as well. 

So if you have anything you've ever wanted to ask Melvin Van Peebles, or say to him, here's your chance to do so. I can't guarantee that I'll ask every question or pass on every comment, but don't let that stop you 🙂

Dig in!

*Passing the mic*

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