Grand Finale – Shadow & Act Digital Filmmaker Showcase
Photo Credit: S & A

Grand Finale – Shadow & Act Digital Filmmaker Showcase


We close out the inaugural season of the Shadow and Act Digital Filmmaker Showcase with a Grand Finale round that starts today.  In this finale, the winners of the previous 5 qualifying rounds (see photo above) will compete for a $4,000 cash prize.  


You will have from today until Friday December 21, 2012 to vote for any of the final 5.  


The finalists and their films are:


· James BlandCocoa Love (Round 1 winner):  A young couple's relationship is tested when a funeral for their dog turns into a misadventure of mayhem, secrets and surprises. Watch and vote for it here. (

· Dominique DeleonTags (Round 2 winner): A graffiti artist squares off with the police and a bitter rival to finish a prized piece. Watch and vote for it here. (


· Will Raee Faith and Dreams (Round 3 winner): A compelling account of how child soldiers are recruited to fight the civil war in the Southern Sudan. Watch and vote for it here. (


· Eric HaywoodNick of Time (Round 4 winner): Nick stumbles upon a unique way to avoid getting dumped by his girlfriend. Watch and vote for it here. (


· MatthewSahJenifer A Day In The Life (Round 5 winner): An independent recording artist struggles to reach a creative breakthrough in order to finish his album. Watch and vote for it here. (


In addition to announcing the Season 1 winner, we will also identify the winner of the popular vote.  This is the film that tallied the most cumulative votes throughout the season but did not win any qualifying round.  The winner of the popular vote will receive a $1,000 cash prize. 

We thank all of our participating filmmakers for sharing their work with us and for being patient while we worked through the many obstacles in getting to the finish line.  

Good luck to our 5 finalists!

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