6 Predictions For ‘Guava Island’ Based On Its 2-Minute Teaser
Photo Credit: Guava Island behind the scenes | Rihanna and Donald Glover

6 Predictions For ‘Guava Island’ Based On Its 2-Minute Teaser

Very little is known about Donald Glover’s forthcoming feature film Guava Island, starring Rihanna and Letitia Wright. But a recently debuted trailer has given fans more details to devour.

During his PHAROS Festival in New Zealand, Glover premiered a two-minute teaser, which opened with Glover singing and strumming a guitar as Rihanna enters with witty banter. From there, the clip twists and dives between snippets of comedic-meets-dramatic dialogue, colorful Cuban vistas and dancing locals.

Directed by Hiro Murai, the film was first teased back in August when a photo of Rihanna and Donald Glover on set began circulating on the internet. Both superstars appeared glowy and tan in Cuba—Rih sporting braids and a maxi dress and the Atlanta creator standing alongside her shirtless—and generated outstanding buzz about the forthcoming work.

Though the entire cast is staying mum on what to expect, here are six predictions we’ve gathered just from the trailer.

1) Rihanna and Donald Glover will share a kiss.

The trailer’s opening reveals that the music superstars might just be on-screen relationship goals. The boyfriend and girlfriend start off trading jokes, but later in the two-minute teaser, we see them dancing and on a pier. Qué romántico! Without all the rom-com melodrama, you can be sure the two will smooch before the ending credits roll.

2) Surprise A-list appearances.

From TV to his music videos, Glover is a mastermind at dropping hidden gems into his visuals—famous friends included. In This Is America, SZA dropped in to portray Lady Liberty, and in Atlanta, viewers got to witness arguably the best Migos cameo ever. So with Guava, Glover will most likely scroll through his contacts and tap some Hollywood friends.

3) There will be strong political takeaways.

Leave it to Glover to start a much-needed conversation. Again, much like This Is America and AtlantaGuava will have viewers walk away with a new perspective. “We live in paradise but none of us actually have the time or the means to live here,” Glover says in the clip, which digs at the negative effects of tourism, capitalism, and colonialism on local folks in the Caribbean.

4) Letitia Wright is going to slay.

Wright has been on an incredible run. In the last year, her standout appearances in Black Mirror and Black Panther have solidified her as a bonafide actress-to-watch. Though her role in the movie is still vague, if her previous work is any indication, she’ll surely shine on screen.

5) Rihanna will have to save Glover.

Around the 1:30 mark, Glover’s character is seemingly kidnapped while Rih searches for him. If her role’s anything like her real-life self, the bad gal we know and love won’t stand by idly if her man’s in trouble. (We’ve seen enough of her music videos to know sis is handy with a gun.)

Rihanna, "Man Down" | Island Def Jam
Rihanna, “Man Down” | Island Def Jam

6) It’s going to be good.

All in all, this film will be incredible. The reputations of the magical powerhouses that have converged to create this precede them. Frequent collaborators Murai and Glover have proven that they’re capable of awe-inspiring work, and we can expect no less from Guava Island. 

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