Haiti-Based Muska Films Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Finance 1st Feature Film 'Kidnapping Inc.'
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Haiti-Based Muska Films Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Finance 1st Feature Film 'Kidnapping Inc.'

nullInspired by actual events, Bruno Mourral’s first feature film, Kidnapping Inc., uses cinema as a tool to look at Haitian society and its proximity to systematic abduction. 

Set to begin production at the end of its Kickstarter campaign, the dark comedy is likened to "City of God" and "Pulp Fiction," using satire to confront the worst of contemporary Haiti, where rape, kidnapping and murder are manifest in day-to-day life.

The film shadows delivery-kidnappers, Doc and Zoe, on a botched job and their challenge to fix the mess before their boss finds out. Tasked with delivering a senator’s son worth a $300,000 ransom, their target is mistakenly killed in the midst of the pairs’ usual bickering – jeopardizing their mission and the protagonists’ lives. Frantic for a solution, the duo stumbles upon Patrick and his nine-month pregnant wife, Laura, who are on their way to catch a flight out of Haiti. Unfortunately for the young couple, Patrick is an exact look-alike of the dead senator’s son – making him a valuable commodity. Scheming to swap the doppelganger, Doc and Zoe embark on the craziest kidnapping attempt of their lives.

Featuring the contributions of actor Jimmy Jean-Louis ("Heroes"), the filmmakers have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign which runs until December 11th, to raise $100,000. 

Donors are encouraged to check out Kidnapping Inc. on the official websiteFacebook and Twitter for all of the latest news on the project and funding.

Founded in 2007 by Bruno Mourral and Gaethan Chancy, Muska Films is an award-winning production company based in Haiti. Writer/director Bruno has received 8 international awards for his work that includes documentaries, 3 short films and over 100 commercials.

Bruno hopes that Kidnapping Inc. will question Haiti’s social complexities, provoke dialogue and further develop Haitian cinema.

Pitch video below. Kickstarter campaign here.

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