Help Fund 'The Abandon' (5 Black Men Learn They May Be The Last Humans On Earth)
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Help Fund 'The Abandon' (5 Black Men Learn They May Be The Last Humans On Earth)


In December, we posted the pilot episode for awarding-winning playwright and screenwriter Keith Josef Adkins’ sci-fi series called The Abandon, and, as I recall, many of you really dug it! In fact, it was well-received across the blogosphere, wherever it was shared.

It’s embedded below if you haven’t seen it yet.

Keith is now trying to raise additional funds that will help cover the costs of production of more episodes of the series, and has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to assist.

You may recall Keith’s intro post over the summer, when he was trying to raise funds for the project… I thought I’d let him speak for himself about The Abandon, as well as his motivation for making it; here’s an excerpt:

Although shows like Battlestar Galactica and the short-lived The 4400 intrigue and entertain, the amount of black and brown representation [in sci-fi] are usually limited.

And no, side-kicks and color-blind casting are not sufficient

representation. I love sci-fi. I particularly like sci-fi that explores

alien invasions. Ridley Scott’s Alien is

one of my favorite films and I can watch it every day and never get

bored. In my opinion, the film has the perfect mix of a singular alien

encounter and the expendability of human life, all played out in that

final (and often claustrophobic) frontier of space.

I also love horror, not slash for the sake of slash, but horror as in

terror, as in stories where people are literally (and legitimately)

fighting for their lives. Neil Marshall’s 2005 horror film The Descent is

a perfect example of that. A group of women go on a caving expedition

and discover creatures from the unknown and must fight for their lives

and each other.

My idea was to shape a sci-fi/horror series that’s part Alien and part

The Descent, where a group of black men discover they may be the last

people of earth after an alien invasion.

The Abandon is my effort to see a group of smart black men handle an alien invasion. It’s that simple.

And months later, The Abandon debuted with the pilot episode in December.

So if you want to see more of the series, you should contribute to his IndieGoGo campaign, which has a goal of $5,000. If everyone who watched the pilot gave $1, he’d likely reach his goal, and possibly even more.

Head to IndieGoGo right now by clicking HERE, and make your contribution. He has just 15 days left in the campaign, and has raised $860 as of the time of this post.

Here’s the pilot episode again, if you missed it:

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