Highlighting The Caribbean Experience At The 2011 African Diaspora International Film Festival
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Highlighting The Caribbean Experience At The 2011 African Diaspora International Film Festival


The 2011 African Diaspora International Film Festival begins this Friday, November 25, and will run through December 13, in New York City.

Several filmmakers from the Caribbean region will showcase their work in ADIFF 2011. Barbados, Cuba


Guadeloupe, Haiti and Surinam are some of the places from which these men and women come from. 

Full of imagination and creativity, these are works that bring forward the cinematic expression of people who until recently did not have such a diverse representation in films.

Stories of rebellion, love, race relations, the Rastafarian and slavery eloquently speak about the region.

The Caribbean selection of films brings to the forefront a rich mosaic of artistic prowess and intellectual maturity and sophistication.

The lineup follows below:

From Barbados: Hush 2, Stop the Silence – After successful runs in Jamaica and Barbados, this dramatic tale will have its premier in ADIFF 2011. Part of Caribbean Night. Sunday Nov, 27 @ 6pm Teachers College, Columbia University

From Cuba: Retrospective of Afro-Cuban filmmaker Sergio Giral – Discover several films depicting stories about slavery, rebellion, life in Cuba before Castro and race relations in the Latino community in the US; Golden Scars – A revealing documentary about Rap singers in Santiago de Cuba and their aspirations for a better life against all odds. Part of the Afro-Latino Night. Tuesday dec. 6 @ 8:30pm. Teachers College, Columbia University; The Black Mozart In Cuba – Two Caribbean islands, Cuba and Guadeloupe get together to celebrate an illustrious man from the Caribbean. Part of African Legacy Program. Tuesday, Dec. 6 @ 2pm, Thalia Theater, Thursday, Dec. 8 @ 3:45 pm. Schomburg Center; Sara Gomez: An Afro-Cuban Filmmaker – A documentary about the first Afro-Cuban female director. Sara Gomez dedicated her work to the Afro-Cuban experience. She attacked head on racial taboos in her native Cuba. Her legacy lives on. Sat., Nov. 26 @ 2pm Teachers College, Columbia UniversityChico and Rita – Havana and Manhattan in the 1950s, rumba, jazz and a love story. An unexpected beautifully animated film about the live of two Afro-Cubans in a turbulent period in two turbulent cities. Sunday, Nov. 27 @ 8:30pm Thalia Theater.

From Curaçao: "What does it take to get rid of a colonial mentality in a still colonial enclave?" Curaçao explores some issues about this Caribbean island in a very revealing way. Tuesday, Nov, 29 @ 6pm. Teachers College, Columbia University.

From Haiti: Jacques Roumain, Passion For a Country – Jacques Roumain is there with Frantz Fanon, Eric Williams, Michael Manley, Walter Rodney, Rex Nettleford, and Nancy Morejon. Illustrious sons and daughters of the Caribbean whose work is at the center of the Caribbean experience and identity. Friday, Dec. 2 @8pm Teachers College, Columbia University.

From Guadeloupe: Bloody Roots – Beautifully shot, Bloody Roots tells a disturbing story of a mother/daughter relationship gone bad. Tuesday, Nov, 29 @ 6pm. Teachers College, Columbia University.

From Jamaica: The First Rasta – Leonard Percival Howell is considered the initiator of the Rastafi Movement. The First Rasta is about "Gong" and the men and women who built Pinnacle, the first Rasta enclave. From Nov.30 through Dec. 6 @ 5:25pm Quad Cinema; Catch A Fire – A historic piece on the life and death of Paul Bogle, the XVIIII century Jamaican hero. Part Of Caribbean Night. Sunday Nov. 27@ 6pm Teachers College, Col. Part Of Caribbean Night. Sunday Nov. 27@ 6pm. Laughing Through Tears – An elderly woman remembers her life in her native Jamaica as she is treated by her doctor. Part of Caribbean Night. Sunday, Nov. 27 @ 6pm. Teachers College

From Surinam: Wam Pipel (One People) Rubia is a Surinamese of Indian descent and Roy is a young black man, they love each other against all odds. A provocative love story by Pim de la Parra, a very talented Surinamese filmmaker whose work revolutionized the Dutch film industry. Sat. Nov. 26 @ 8:30 pm and Tuesday, Nov.13 @ 8:30pm. Thalia Theater.

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