"Hit!" With Richard Pryor and Billy Dee Williams Coming Out On Blu-Ray DVD
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"Hit!" With Richard Pryor and Billy Dee Williams Coming Out On Blu-Ray DVD

nullLast May, I wrote about this film (HERE) as an example of a film that might make a good remake; that is, a film with a great premise, but with a very disappointing execution.

The 1973 film starring Billy Dee Williams and Richard Pryor (in a terrific perfomance) deals with a federal agent (Williams), who, after the death of his daughter by a drug overdose, trains a team of ordinary people, whose lives, or those of a loved one, have been destoyed by drugs, to kill the suppliers.

Like I said then, a great premise but the film turned out to be, as I remember, an overextended, sluggish film that really doesn't come to life until the last 30 mintues or so. 

The film has never been released on DVD, with the exception of a bootleg pan-and-scan release, but that will be corrected soon, now that Olive Films has announced that they will be releasing the film finally on DVD – all amamorphic, in its correct ratio and, even better, on Blu-ray on April 24th.

Actually I'm looking forward to seeing it again. It might play better after all these years.

Here's a brief clip from the film:

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