How Do They Continue To Get Work... And Other Things That Make You Go Hmm (Survey)
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How Do They Continue To Get Work... And Other Things That Make You Go Hmm (Survey)

I have my hands in a bunch of things today, so I’m a little tied up, and you know what that usually means… that’s right, it’s survey time! 🙂

While at the American Black Film Festival, I got into a conversation that centered on why/how certain actors whom we all agreed aren’t very talented continue to get job after job, some in high-profile films. But it wasn’t all criticism; we also talked about actors we felt should be working a hell of a lot more than they currently are. And I’m not just talking about black actors by the way. Actors of every skin color.

So, while I’m taking care of some other business, I’m throwing both questions out to you all to answer. Fill in the blanks…

First, how in the world does ________________________ continue to get work so damn easily and frequently; Second, it’s an absolute travesty that ___________________________ isn’t working as much as he/she really should be.

Again, even though our focus is primarily on talent of African descent, I’m considering actors of all groups; not just black folks. We talk about black actors enough anyway.


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