How is 'The Equalizer' Doing Overseas? Very Well, Thank You...
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How is 'The Equalizer' Doing Overseas? Very Well, Thank You...

nullAs we have

mentioned numerous times here on this site, the foreign film market

is key. All filmmakers, including, and especially black filmmakers, must

keep in mind that whatever film they make, they should consider that there is an audience for their film outside the USA, around the globe.

Antoine Fuqua’s "The Equalizer" with Denzel Washington, once again challenges the lie that there is no

appeal for black film stars in foreign countries. The film opened in late Sept, in 37 territories across Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East (now

39 territories) and, as of yesterday, has grossed some $57 million to date.

That’s in addition to the nearly $80 million it has made here domestically.

Among the

highest grossing countries is the U.K. with $6.9 million, followed by Russia, with

just over $5 million. Other high grossing countries are Australia, Brazil, France. Mexico,

Malaysia and The Netherlands.

And it has yet to open in Japan, where it’s been heavily promoted, and, no doubt

will be very successful there as well; Also in the rest of Europe including Spain, Germany and Italy, most

of South America and other Middle Eastern and African countries..

The film, at

this rate, will very likely reach the $150 million mark overseas alone at the

box office.

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