Ice Cube On Why He Does Mostly Comedies: "It's The Path Of Least Resistance"
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Ice Cube On Why He Does Mostly Comedies: "It's The Path Of Least Resistance"

It’s the path of least resistance… I don’t want to be a dude like Stanley Kubrick, pop out every five or six years… They know I can make comedies work, so that’s what they want. It’s not like you go to McDonald’s and ask for a taco… It’s not easy.. they want comedies. And if they do a drama, it won’t deal with race issues, it will deal with family issues, like Precious.

From an interview with LA Weekly, posted earlier this morning. I remember he once said, about a year ago, that comedy is the path of least resistance for blacks in Hollywood, which, I recall, turned off a lot of folks.

Even though I’m not necessarily a fan of his film work, I kinda like that he just flat out owns up to it. He doesn’t get defensive, or try to make excuses for it. He just essentially says, yes, as an African American in this business, Hollywood wants me to do comedies; not serious dramas that address issues; and if I want to work (within that system anyway) I have to give them what they expect of me.

I think it’s safe to say that Ice doesn’t give a shit about your “burden of representation” laments. It’s all about the benjamins.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game, right?

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