Ice-T On Backlash Against Coco Breastfeeding Their 5-Year-Old: 'Why Are You Worried About MY Child?'
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Ice-T On Backlash Against Coco Breastfeeding Their 5-Year-Old: 'Why Are You Worried About MY Child?'

Last week, it was revealed that Ice-T’s wife, Coco Austin still breastfeeds the couple’s 5-year-old daughter, Chanel. Although the emotions regarding their decision were mixed, Coco received a ton of support.

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In an interview, Cooo told US Magazine, “Chanel still likes my boob. It’s a big bonding moment for a mother and your child. “Why take that away from her? … If she doesn’t want it, all right, that’s where you stop it. But I’m not just going to say no.”

Cooo clarified that it’s not all of the time, but just every now and again. The news that Coco still breastfeeds has garnered the opinions of many, and in an effort to defend his wife of 15 years and daughter, Ice-T took to Twitter.

When one user wrote, “ I am not sure if I’m jealous of a 5 yr old breastfeeding”. Ice-T responded, as reported by The Jasmine Brand. “You are.. You’ve never sucked a pretty t*tty..”

Another user called Ice-T out for the tweet citing that it was “gross.” The user admonished Ice T for still allowing his daughter to breastfeed, but he was not having it with this comment either.

“Why the F are you worried about MY Child??? That’s what’s weird.. Now go back in the basement,” he said.

He then tweeted, “News Flash! I’m still Breastfeeding! Every chance I can….” before adding, “News Flash! We feed Chanel FOOD… She just likes to suck moms boob every now and then… Me Too!!!”

The stigma towards not breastfeeding a child when they get to a certain age is rooted in the over-sexualization of women’s breasts and this conversation is definitely stirring more dialogue about that.

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