Idris Elba on Reddit AMA: 'Luther' May Be Coming Back; Would Like to Play Hancock; Fave 'The Wire' Scene & Much More
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Idris Elba on Reddit AMA: 'Luther' May Be Coming Back; Would Like to Play Hancock; Fave 'The Wire' Scene & Much More

nullOver the weekend (on Saturday), social networking service and news website Reddit held one of its popular celebrity AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, with Idris Elba, as his latest film, "No Good Deed" entered its second week in theatrical release.

As you’d expect, countless questions were submitted by Reddit members who *attended* the AMA session, and Mr Elba did answer just about all of them (it is called Ask Me Anything after all). 

I scanned the AMA session (although not all of it, given how incredibly long it is), in search of any interesting questions/answers worth sharing on this blog. Here’s only a small basket of what I dug up:

1 – When asked whether there were any plans for "Luther" to return to the small screen (TV), Elba answered with the following: "We are in talks at the moment to figure out a way to bring more Luther back to the TV, but the focus is to try and make a film from it." So there’s a chance that there might be another season of "Luther," which, given what’s been said in the past, I thought was highly unlikely, with the next on screen appearance of the character being in theaters. 

2 – His favorite scene from ‘The Wire’ that involved his character?: "My favourite scene is when I tell Avon that I killed D’Angelo. That was the scene yeah. It was a very Shakespearean Scene. And Avon and Stringer end up on the floor. It’s actually the scene that sealed Stringer Bell’s fate, although he didn’t know it. I remember Wood and I, we sat in a trailer – and discussed what we were going to do pretty much all day. And ended up going in on set. It was incredible."

3 – This one I thought was quite interesting, as I’ve never heard him share this before. A fan asked what superhero he’d like to play on screen. His response: "I wanna play… I thought it’d be really cool to play Hancock." Say what now? You mean, not Black Panther, given that his name is on countless fanboy wishlists to play the character on screen, whenever Marvel decides to finally put the film into production. Although, he went on to add: "Yeah, I would love to play sort of a … you know, sort of that human being that actually has superhero powers, like Hancock and like Luke Cage." Alright, so Luke Cage is also a possibility. As an aside, there was talk of a "Hancock" sequel years ago, but I won’t hold my breath for that to happen.

3a – As an addendum to #3, later in the AMA, another fan asked if he was interested in the Luke Cage series that Marvel and Netflix are teaming up on. And Idris’ reply was: "Uh, I think there’s an actor already signed on for it, fortunately or unfortunately." There is? He obviously knows something the rest of us don’t. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that Disney/Marvel have already cast an actor for the part, but, assuming Idris does know something we don’t, I’m wondering when the official announcement will be made. My guess is that he may have been on the short list of actors looked at for the role, and he knows who eventually got the part. Inquiring minds want to know…

4 – He was asked if he’d take the James Bond role if it was offered to him. Of course he said: "Yes, if it was offered to me, absolutely." You’ll recall that it was rumored, when the last James Bond movie was released, that Idris just might be the first "Black Bond" in the history of the franchise – a label that, as you might also recall, he rejected, saying something like, "I wouldn’t want to be the first ‘Black Bond.’ Just Bond.’ I think a day will come when a black actor will be cast to play James Bond. I just don’t know if that time is now. 

5 – When asked what director he’d love to work with, his answer: Christopher Nolan.

6 – And, by the way, he shared that he was not going to be in the "King Arthur" movie that he was said to be in talks to co-star in a couple of months ago. Elba was to join the cast of the Warner Bros project, playing what was said to be a Merlin-like character who trains and mentors Arthur. Guy Ritchie is attached to direct the movie.

There is A LOT more when the above 6 bullet points came from, so if you’ve got several hours to kill, head over to the Reddit AMA page where Mr Elba was asked, and answered anything.

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