Idris Elba Wants To Do A Musical. Maybe He And Steve McQueen Can Team Up
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Idris Elba Wants To Do A Musical. Maybe He And Steve McQueen Can Team Up


“I want to do a musical. I want to do things that challenge me. I’ve got a keen eye on music and would like to do something that marries my world of acting and music. I am not sure if I can sing very well but I will be good — I promise! I will be captivating […] I have [done the stage] in the past sporadically throughout my career. The problem with theater is that I have a short attention span so I can’t do it for six months or whatever.”

A quote from Idris Elba speaking to the London Evening Standard yesterday.

We are already familiar with his interest in music (singing, rapping, DJ-ing); in fact, I believe it was this year that he said he’d take off from acting in any new projects, to really focus on his music. So clearly, it’s a passion of his.

Can you picture him in a movie musical, since he seemingly isn’t too keen on performing in a stage musical, given the lengths shows can some times run for? Although he could sign up for a limited engagement of a month of two, as well.

But if a movie musical, he could partner up with Steve McQueen, since, as McQueen said in my interview with him a few months ago, he’d also love to tackle a musical as his next project, or in the future. So Steve can direct, and Idris stars.

As for what musical it will be, I’d prefer something original, as opposed to a remake of an old musical, or an adaptation of a Broadway show.

Maybe their individual paths will cross, on track to a collaboration of some sort. Maybe not.

Here’s the man using his pipes:

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