'In Living Color' Reboot Likely Won't See The Light Of Day (Details...)
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'In Living Color' Reboot Likely Won't See The Light Of Day (Details...)

nullWell… those of you who weren't too keen on a reboot of In Living Color with an all-new cast of players (although still shepherded by Keenen Ivory Wayans), might be thrilled with this little bit of news I just learned about.

First… an excerpt from a USA Today interview with Kevin Reilly, Entertainment President of the Fox Broadcasting Company, published towards the end of last month, in which he addressed the networks upcoming season slate of scripted series: 

And two retreads won't see the light of day. Seth MacFarlane's Flintstones reboot is being scuttled. And Reilly indicated that planned In Living Color specials, reviving the sketch-comedy series, won't air anytime soon. Though several have been shot, he says there's a "high bar," so don't look for a new version of Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans.

So, what I'm interpreting from this, is that expectations are high (given the success of the original In Living Color), and, although they've shot a few episodes already, they apparently aren't meeting those high expectations; and so maybe it's back to the drawing board; or maybe it's being (or will be) shelved permanently, and we won't hear anything further about the reboot anymore.

And secondly, in a recent radio interview, in response to Reilly's statement above, one of the series reboot's new cast members – Milton "Lil' RelHowery – shared his thoughts on what was going on with the proposed show, stating that they'd shot a few specials, and those specials were to be broadcast as tests to gauge audience reactions and interest. And if the specials scored highly in ratings, then they'd have a full series on their hands; and if not, then, no series reboot.

But even more interesting is Howery's statement in the interview that some of the cast from the original In Living Color series apparently wanted to come back, or at least be involved in the reboot in some way (or it could be that Fox wanted them to come back), however, they couldn't reach an agreement with Fox, and so, as he suggests, "Fox is mad" because they didn't get what the wanted… or something like that.

The entire interview with Howery follows in the video player below, so listen to it. He obviously feels that they have something worth airing, and that Fox should just run the specials they've already shot, and let the audience decide – which I agree with.

But I won't be surprised if it's eventually put to rest permanently, and this never comes up again. And a year from now, we'll all be asking what happened to that In Living Color reboot, and Keenen will talk openly about what transpired behind closed doors, and the whole truth will be known.

First revealed publicly last October, the Fox Network announced it's plans to bring the Wayans' In Living Color back to TV as a mid-season replacement, with the original star and creator of the show, Keenen Ivory Wayans, on board as host and executive producer.

According to reports, it was Wayans' idea to revive the show, and the plan was for Fox to present two In Living Color half-hour specials to air as part of the network’s 25th anniversary celebration on April 22, with a series option behind them. If the two specials are a ratings success, then the new In Living Color will be picked up as a series next season.

Obviously, none of this has happend.

How about the cast?

In addition to Lil' Rel Howery… Kali Hawk, Jennifer Bartels, Jermaine FowlerAyana Hampton, Cyrah Hawkins and a few others, all are signed on to be part of the new generation/revamped cast of In Living Color

And what about the Fly Girls? There they are in the above photo: Whitney Wiley, Tera Perez, Christina Chandler, Katee Shean, and Lisa Rosenthal.

We'll see…

Howery's interview follows below:

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