'Indemnity': Exclusive Preview Of Upcoming Film From Netflix's 'Blood & Water' Producers
Photo Credit: Magnet Releasing

'Indemnity': Exclusive Preview Of Upcoming Film From Netflix's 'Blood & Water' Producers

Indemnity, written and directed by Travis Taute and starring Jarrid Geduld, Nicole Fortuin, Andre Jacobs, Gail Mabalane and Tshamano Sebe, is being released in select theaters on Feb. 11 via Magnet Releasing.

Shadow and Act has an exclusive clip from the film.

The film follows an ex-Cape Town fireman played by Jarrid Geduld, who wakes up next to his wife's dead body with no memory of what happened, and all the evidence points to him being the killer.

He goes on a thrilling adventure to uncover the truth all while sinister forces and corrupt police pursue him.

On the clip, Taute told S&A, “In a moment of utter desperation, Theo (Jarrid Geduld) decides to risk it all to escape the clutches of the police on his tail. After finding himself trapped in a hotel room with nowhere left to turn, Theo’s only choice is to attempt climbing down the side of a 22-story glass building, suspended by the only resource available to him: a curtain. But when the police once again close in on him, Theo’s despair forces him to take the ultimate (and literal) leap of faith.”

'Indemnity' is produced by South African production studio Gambit Films, which continues its mission to bring South African films into mainstream cinema.

The film is a directorial feature debut for Taute, a writer and producer on the fan-favorite Netflix series, Blood & Water. Gambit Films is also behind Blood & Water.

Indemnity reaches new levels of production for a South African film and will feature breakneck action and a gripping story.

Watch the clip below:


Also watch the full trailer, which delves into the mystery and conspiracy at play as Theo gets arrested on suspicion of his wife’s murder with no memory of what happened, and is immediately targeted by unseen forces and must fight his way to the truth.

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