Interview: Shameik Moore on Starring in 'Dope' (+ New Official Trailer)
Photo Credit: S & A

Interview: Shameik Moore on Starring in 'Dope' (+ New Official Trailer)


Released today, the new trailer

for Rick Famuyiwa’s Sundance hit "Dope" shares more of the film’s

story than we’ve seen before, with new background on main character Malcolm

(Shameik Moore) and his escapades with his "hip hop geek" friends. 

Moore recently shared a few

thoughts with S&A on making the film. Find his comments below, and below

that, the new trailer. 


the story: 

Malcolm and his two best

friends Diggy and Jib are always caught in between a bad situation and a worse

situation, and Malcolm must overcome all of the things thrown his way.  

Shameik Moore


with his character Malcolm: 

There are a few things I can relate to. Malcolm isn’t hood, but he can see it

from his front door. Growing up in Atlanta, I can identify with having a

different mindset than the people around me. Malcolm is also passionate, and

the passion I have is unmeasurable.


the rise of the "black geek" in popular culture: 

I feel it’s important for the geeks to have a voice. ‘Dope’ is going to give a

lot of people a new perspective.


with Rick Famuyiwa:

Rick is a creative being, a true artist, and very passionate. He is my big bro,

he is always pushing me. 


atmosphere on set:

Everyone was vibing with each

other and having fun with the characters. It was such a great first experience

for me.