Is She Disney's Next Tween Superstar?
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Is She Disney's Next Tween Superstar?

Since I’m definitely not in the Disney Channel’s demographic, I had no idea what’s been going on, on the network. But evidently Anne China McClain, who was profiled today in the New York Times (HERE) is being posed to become the next big potential Tween Queen Superstar for the network.

Her new series, especially created for her, The A.N.T. Farm about child prodigies, premieres on the network in June.

After several other previous tween stars from the network, such as Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, Demo Lovato and Jamie Lynn Spears, have fallen by the wayside, as they have gotten older and have fallen victim to various scandals, such as teen age pregnancy, nude photos, drugs, slutty behavior and rehab, McClain, who comes from a solid Atlanta family, could possibly be the network’s savior, with her genuine talent, a solid family support unit, and the smarts to stay away from potential trouble.

And according to the article, in an effort to attract more viewers, the network is actively seeking to diversify itself, grooming other young potential black tween stars, such as Coco Jones and Zendaya for future careers with Disney.

All in all, this sounds like a good and very positive thing to me. And besides, who would you rather have: young impressionable black girls looks up to McClain or Nicki Minaj?????

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