Is T.J. Holmes Moving To MSNBC?
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Is T.J. Holmes Moving To MSNBC?

nullNot exactly yes. Not exactly no either. But more like… well, sorta.

If you watched Alex Witt's show today on MSNBC, after Melissa Harris-Perry's show, you would have seen that T.J. Holmes subbed for Witt, while she's on vacation; and one presumes he will also do so tomorrow, on Sunday.

So wait! Does this mean that Holmes has joined MSNBC? Well not exactly.

Holmes, in fact, tweeted, in response to people wondering the same thing about his BET show, Don't Sleep:

To clear this up: last "Don't Sleep" episode of 2012 was last wk. Look forward to it in 2013. But, u can see me other places, like #MSNBC.

So if we're supposed to take him at his word, he will be popping up now and then on MSNBC as an occasional sub-host. However don't expect this to turn into a regular gig.

First of all, he should be under contract with BET, so he just can't up and leave. Although it is very possible that there might be a clause in the contract that says that if things aren't working out (whatever that means for either of them), he and the network could come to an amicable parting of ways.

On top of that, MSNBC basically has their own T.J. Holmes in the form of Craig Melvin who has been appearing regularly on NBC News, The Today Show and MSNBC as a news anchor and sub-host, and who the network is seemingly grooming for bigger things.

So it's highly unlikely that Holmes is going to be getting any up-front anchoring  job with Melvin already waiting, rested and ready in the wings (and if he think he does then you better believe Melvin will cut that to the quick. This is a cutthroat business after all).

The problem with Holmes is that, unfortunately, he's seemingly stuck in a bind. It looked like his contact at CNN either wasn't going to be renewed or it was obvious to him that the network wasn't going to move him out from his weekend slot. And, as far as we know, there weren't really any offers from other networks out there for the choosing. Hell, he probably would have taken an anchor job at Fox News if they had called.

So when BET came calling, at least it was an opportunity, but one that, so far, doesn't seem to be working out as well as both sides would've liked. Although it's still early in the game.

But watching him today on MSNBC, he was clearly, as Tambay said, "so much more comfortable and in his element."

He's not the next Jon Stewart, and nor can he be, nor does he want to be, we don't think.

So where does he go from here?

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