It's A 'Django Unchained' Reunion: Jamie Foxx & Leonardo DiCaprio Team Up For 'Mean Business'
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It's A 'Django Unchained' Reunion: Jamie Foxx & Leonardo DiCaprio Team Up For 'Mean Business'

Jamie Foxx in 'Law Abiding Citizen'Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio will pair up again in a film adaptation of a crime novel by Craig Zahler titled Mean Business On North Ganson Street, for Warner Bros.

The novel, which hasn’t been published yet (it doesn’t even have a publisher), has been pitched as “L.A. Confidential meets The Wire, with the horror atmosphere of Seven.” Gotta love Hollywood pitches, right?

The story according to Deadline reads:

Detective Jules Bettinger is transferred to a city in Missouri named Victory, which has the worst violent crime statistics in the country. There, the detective is partnered with a rough local officer named Dominic, a thuggish fellow who was demoted after he and his cohorts publicly brutalized a suspect. Together, the partners investigate a murder case in which the victim was sexually violated postmortem, navigating the blasted, cannibalized zones of the collapsed rust belt city, its hostile inhabitants and their own uneasy alliance.

Needless to say, DiCaprio will lay Jules Bettinger, while Foxx will play Dominic, our thuggish, demoted local cop. 

So what we have here is your typical interracial buddy pairing in an action/thriller, centered on a gruesome murder case that needs to be solved.

Author Craig Zahler will pen the script and DiCaprio’s Appian Way production house will produce, with Sarah Schechter shepherding the project for the WB.

The last time we saw DiCaprio and Foxx on screen, it was in the much-talked-about, polarizing Django Unchained, on opposing sides. It looks like they’ll be on the same side, as partners, this time around.

Up next for Foxx is the one in which he pretends to be president of the USA, under Channing Tatum’s protection in the Roland Emmerich’s latest work of disaster porn, White House Down.

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