It's Official: Lupita Nyong'o Has Joined The Cast Of 'Star Wars: Episode VII' (But Who Is She Playing?)
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It's Official: Lupita Nyong'o Has Joined The Cast Of 'Star Wars: Episode VII' (But Who Is She Playing?)


It was on Friday when I posted the following on my personal Facebook page:

What are the odds that both Lupita Nyong’o and Naomie Harris would be in Morocco at the exact same time… My first thought was that they’d both been cast in the next “Star Wars” movie (castings that were maybe being kept a secret), but then realized that the film is actually shooting in Abu Dhabi, not Morocco, which was where it was first rumored that principal photography would take place. But I haven’t completely ruled out the possibility. Or it could really all just be a coincidence, and both are there on vacation, or something else, and don’t even realize that the other is also there.

As my fellow S&A contributor Dankwa responded to that status update:

Films are known to shoot in multiple locations at the same time due to actor’s availability. Especially a production with the budget of small nations.

Indeed, as I agreed, adding the following in response to him:

Funny thing is, neither actress probably realizes that they might be unintentionally giving clues on their casting in the movie. Both have been posting pictures of themselves in Morocco, via their social networking accounts. That’s really how I found out that they are both there right now. I smell an S&A speculative post…

Well, I never did post that S&A speculative post on Friday as I planned. I actually thought I’d wait until today, to see if anything would develop that was related.

And sure enough… this just popped up on my screen from the Star Wars Twitter account:

BREAKING: Lupita Nyong’o & Gwendoline Christie have joined the cast of #StarWarsVII!

The link doesn’t reveal much more, specifically what roles both actresses are now attached to play.

I should note that the fact that she was in Morocco last week may have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she’s been cast, and it was all just a coincidence.

It was previously announced, earlier this year, that Lupita had indeed met with director J. J. Abrams regarding a role in the film. But then a few weeks ago, Abrams released a list of names and a photo of what was said to be the film’s starring cast. However, there was no Lupita Nyong’o on the list nor in the cast photo, to the disappointment of some. 

So it could be that the role she’s now signed up to play isn’t as a starring player. Or it is, but they’ve decided that it’s necessary to keep it all a secret for now.

Time will tell.

Now whether Naomie Harris is also part of the cast, and that’s still being kept a secret (given my above Facebook post), we don’t know.

So stay tuned…

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