J.J. Abrams Would Love to See an Ava DuVernay-Directed 'Star Wars' Movie
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J.J. Abrams Would Love to See an Ava DuVernay-Directed 'Star Wars' Movie

Ava DuVernayWith "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" opening in just over a week, there are questions about the future of the franchise – specifically, who will be directing subsequent "Star Wars" movies (in case you didn’t get the memo, Disney plans to fully exploit their $4 billion purchase of LucasFilm, so expect more "Star Wars" on the big screen and small, via spin-offs in which individual characters get their own franchises, and more).

Speaking to Nerdist in a videotaped interview while promoting the upcoming "Force Awakens" in LA this week, director J.J. Abrams was asked if he had any choices for specific women writers and directors he would like to see take on future "Star Wars" films, and Abrams responded with what he called his “kneejerk reaction,” Ava DuVernay.

"She would just kill it," Abrams said, as he complimented her work on "Selma," impressed by how well she handled that film, calling it "sophisticated and humane." 

"If she could do that story that well, there’s no question that she’d kill this movie," he added, referencing of course "Star Wars."

An early hint perhaps? I expect speculation and excitement to be at fever pitch once this interview spreads widely. Ms DuVernay is, we could say, in rare air right now, with an affirming fan base that continues to grow seemingly exponentially, across all groups (regardless of race, color or creed), with unwavering support for her and all the work that she does, both as a filmmaker, and maybe even more importantly (but not talked about as much, especially in the mainstream), her work as the founder and leader of ARRAY, the very necessary film distribution company.

Just consider how quickly her Barbie doll sold out as soon as it was released for purchase. As I shared on Twitter last night, it’s already become a hot item on Ebay, selling for 5+ times its retail value.

I really can’t say what an Ava DuVernay "Star Wars" movie would look, sound and feel like, but I’m certainly curious.

Watch the Nerdist interview with Abrams: J.J. Abrams on Why Ava DuVernay Should Direct STAR WARS.

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