Jada Pinkett Smith's Gruesome Death Scene In 'Scream 2'? She Says She Asked For It! 
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Jada Pinkett Smith's Gruesome Death Scene In 'Scream 2'? She Says She Asked For It! 

Actress, talk show host and all-around multihyphenate Jada Pinkett Smith is known for her roles in films such as Set It Off, Girls Trip, Nutty Professor, Collateral and of course, her role as Niobe in The Matrix franchise.

Pinkett Smith has also etched her place in the horror canon as a scream queen, with roles as the final girl in Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight and as the ill-fated Maureen Roberts in Wes Craven’s Scream 2.

In an Instagram post captioned, “Story time with Jada  Scream 2! Why was my murder scene so brutal?!?”, the actress shared her experience working on the horror sequel and her take on her character’s death scene.

“I’m a huge horror film fan…so Scream was a whole lot of fun. One of the reasons why I did ‘Scream’ and did that cameo is because I love horror movies,” she said. 

The Red Table Talk host also addressed the criticisms on social media of Maureen’s death being too gruesome. “I know there’s a lot of chatter Twitter like ‘why they have to kill her like that,’ but I asked for that,” Pinkett Smith said,

Pinkett Smith further discussed how she asked horror maestro Wes Craven to make her death scene look realistic.

For those unfamiliar, Pinkett Smith’s character Maureen meets the fatal end of Ghostface’s knife during a date night with her boyfriend, the equally ill-fated Phil Stevens (Omar Epps), during the opening sequence of 'Scream 2.'

“One of the things I always hated in a horror film is that the killing scenes always look unrealistic. I asked Wes Craven, ‘Let’s like really do this; really give it to me. I want this to be an excruciating brutal scene to watch.’ And so that’s what we did.”

Scream fans are still basking in the success of the recent Scream film, aka Scream 5. A sequel to that film is also in the works now.

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