Janet Hubert To Will Smith: 'I'm Tired. Let's Come Together And End This 21-Year Saga'
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Janet Hubert To Will Smith: 'I'm Tired. Let's Come Together And End This 21-Year Saga'


We’ve covered the Janet Hubert/Will Smith/Fresh Prince of Bel Air controversy before, so I won’t even bother rehashing. I think we are all somewhat familiar with the public battle between Janet HubertWill Smith and NBC, that led to the recasting of the role of Aunt Vivian, in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s fourth season, in the mid-1990s, and all the drama that’s since followed.

Based on your comments on this site, as well as those I’ve read elsewhere, many of you seem to believe that Ms Hubert’s *bitterness* (not my words) isn’t warranted, and that she should put the entire period behind her, and move on with her life. Others argue that she has moved on with her life, but she’s continuously being asked by the press to revisit that period in her life, 20+ years later, and address what caused the rift that would eventually lead to her ousting from the immensely popular TV series.

Well, Hubert was asked again to discuss the Will Smith/Fresh Prince fiasco one more time by Chris Witherspoon at NBC’s The Griot, in a new interview which was posted on their website this afternoon. Expecting more of the same venom as we’ve heard in past interviews with her, I was surprised that her tone was, still stern, but not as, shall we say, *salty* as it’s been in the past. She actually makes a plea to Will Smith that they, as the title of this post states, come together and end their 21-year cold war – a war that I’d say has been one-sided, because Will Smith has been mostly silent on the matter.

Hubert further says that, if asked, she would indeed agree to a Fresh Prince reunion, if there ever is one, which is contrary to what she’s said in the past – that she’d “… never do anything with an asshole like Will Smith... He is still an egomaniac and has not grown up. This constant reunion thing will never ever happen in my lifetime unless there is an apology, which he doesn’t know the word.

A change of heart, I suppose. 

Although, as she said, she’s tired, which I think I can understand. You get to a point where it all just seems pointless to carry on as is, especially after so long, and you just become sick of it, and want to move on amicably, if possible.

But, as I said, Will Smith has been mostly silent about the entire incident, and I don’t believe has ever responded to any of Hubert’s public assertions and attacks, seemingly choosing to ignore than to address.

But maybe this is where the healing begins, and Will just might accept Hubert’s proposal, they two will meet privately, and squash this once and for all!

Or maybe not…

But at least, as I said, she’s made the first step. Let’s see what happens next.

Here’s the interview with The Griot:

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