'Jeopardy!' Fans Are Enraged After Sadie Goldberger Loses To Megan Wachspress Due To Controversial Technicality
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'Jeopardy!' Fans Are Enraged After Sadie Goldberger Loses To Megan Wachspress Due To Controversial Technicality

Jeopardy! fans are irate over Megan Wachspress’ fourth win on the series, since it appears her win could be deemed fraudulent.

According to MEAWW, Wachspress was up against finalist Sadie Goldberger in Final Jeopardy during the Jun 17 episode. The answer the two were going for was “Harriet Tubman.” But while both players got the answer right, Goldberger’s was considered unacceptable because she didn’t finish in time and wasn’t completely legible, despite context clues being able to fill in that she was, indeed, writing “Harriet Tubman.”

Fans went to social media to say that the show robbed Goldberger of a win. "Sadie was robbed on #Jeopardy tonight," wrote one viewer. "I've seen worse handwriting get through. It's very obvious her answer was Harriet Tubman and she would've won."

Another wrote, "Jeopardy must be wanting Megan to win badly. Sadie should've won, what letter did she leave out in Harriet Tubman? Megan ain't really that strong of a player and Sadie should've been the new champion. And when did that come become a rule, the handwriting was just bad."

Another also chimed in on the frustration, writing, "So why did [Jeopardy] cheat Sadie out of a win to make Megan a four day champ? All the letters in 'Tubman' were there in final Jeopardy. Stop assisting contestants to become megachamps."

"I call BS," wrote one viewer. "We could tell it said Harriet Tubman. My girl was robbed."

Wachpress herself wrote on Twitter, "It's probably inappropriate for me to say anything about the judges' call in FJ yesterday (you can see my immediate reaction on the tape) but will say I'd love to see Sadie compete again (if she wants to!)-she is a formidable and gracious player with impressive knowledge."

Jeopardy! hasn’t sounded off on the win on its social media channels.

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