Jimmy Jean-Louis Is A Bad-Ass In Teaser For Terminator-Like Thriller 'Ogou, Le Revenant'
Photo Credit: S & A

Jimmy Jean-Louis Is A Bad-Ass In Teaser For Terminator-Like Thriller 'Ogou, Le Revenant'


This came to me without much further information, so I can’t tell you a lot about it, other than that it’s a teaser seemingly shot to raise money for the full-length version of the film, which stars Jimmy Jean-Louis, and is directed by Bruno Mourral

It appears to be an all-Haitian production, from Port-au-Prince-based production company Muska Group.

The film is titled Ogou Le Revenant, with “Le Revenant” translating to “The Ghost,” or we could say someone that returns from the after life (French speakers can jump in if I’m incorrect), so I assume that the film’s title in English is Ogou, The Ghost, with Monsieur Jean-Louis playing the title character, given what happens in the below teaser.

He’s apparently a supernatural being of some kind, with his Terminator like outfit, including the shades and his edited voice. Or is it The Matrix?

There’s a note at the very end of the teaser which points viewers to a link where they can help finance the feature film, but the site comes up as being “under construction,” which isn’t a good look. Why release the teaser and include the note at all, when the site isn’t up and running yet?

When I learn more, so will you. Maybe the site will be up shortly. 

By the way, you can catch Jimmy Jean-Louis in Philippe Niang’s Toussaint L’Ouverture, which will screen next at the New York African Film Festival this week.


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