John Boyega Responds to Criticism of Him Playing a Black Stormtrooper in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'
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John Boyega Responds to Criticism of Him Playing a Black Stormtrooper in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

nullWith all the

buzz after the first teaser trailer for "Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens," opening

a year from now, you would think that people would have better things to discuss about. But

we are talking about humans aren’t we, and you know what that means.

Evidently, there are some people who are not exactly thrilled that John Boyega, a black

man, is playing a stormtrooper in their sainted film; although, really, they are upset that there are any

black people at all who have the nerve to be in the film, and they have bombarded the internet

with racist and abusive comments.

One commenter, who called himself Reactionary Radac, posted: “I have a feeling the new Star Wars is going to be filled with PC, SJW (social

Justice warrior) trash." And that is one of the more milder comments. He does

know that George Lucas is married to a black woman doesn’t he? And did he have the same problems with Lando Calrissian?

Fortunately Boyega

is not taking this lying down, and, this weekend, posted a response on his Instagram

page, stating: “Thank you for all the love and

support!. The fan mail and fan art has added to my joy! Isn’t it crazy that

Star Wars is actually happening? I’m in the movie but as a star wars fan I am

very excited… To whom it may concern… Get used to


Good for him,

but still the fight goes on…

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