Join Us Now! S&A Hot Topics Podcast Show (Eddie Murphy)
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Join Us Now! S&A Hot Topics Podcast Show (Eddie Murphy)

nullSo I know some of you are probably saying "What happened?  I thought Isaiah Washington was going to be on the podcast show today?"  Well, so did we but unfortunately he had to cancel…Que sera sera!  But don't fret my friends, we'll still have a kick-ass show.  Another no holds barred HOT TOPIC show is brewing.  Slated for discussion:

-Eddie Murphy. First, Tower Heist didn't fare well and just recently he dropped out of hosting the Oscars. What's going on with his career and is he making the right moves?

-Alternative platform ideas for filmmakers.  We'll suggest some ideas/concepts and "out the box" thinking that could help get your film off the ground.

-Are black female moviegoers  "the key" to the success of the black film revival movement?

I know you'll want to chime in on this one!  All of the S&A crew will be in attendance so join us at 8:00pm/est and log in HERE on the S&A Blogtalk Radio page. Don't forget to call us at (347) 215-8777 and/or join in the chat room as well.  See ya there!

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