Joseline Hernandez Has Contentious Appearance On 'The Wendy Williams Show,' Twitter Reacts
Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Bravo

Joseline Hernandez Has Contentious Appearance On 'The Wendy Williams Show,' Twitter Reacts

Joseline Hernandez appeared on The Wendy Williams Show on April 28 to promote season 2 of her Zeus show Joseline’s Cabaret. But before Williams could ask the Puerto Rican Princess any questions about the streaming platform’s No. 1 show, Hernandez let it be known upfront that she would not take any mess from the queen of Hot Topics.

Per Hernandez, Williams is too hard on young women of color who appear as guests on her show. Instead of giving them their “flowers” by uplifting them, Hernandez says Williams is shady and judgemental. 

“I have the number one show in the country,” Hernandez proceeded to tell Williams of why she deserved such respect.

“You have the number one show on Zeus and you just got renewed for a third season, which is to be commended,” Williams tried to interject. But Hernandez wasn’t having it, feeling that Williams was trying to belittle her accomplishments. 

Hernandez told Williams that she needed to “do better,” throwing shots at Williams’ relationship with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter in the process.

“We love you but at the same time, you have to do better,” Hernandez said. “You’re not in an abusive relationship anymore.”

But Williams disagrees, telling Hernandez she’s simply doing her job and won’t make any apologies for it. She also notes that she expects more from people like Hernandez and wants them to use her own mistakes as a cautionary tale of what not to do.

Apparently, Hernandez was hesitant to even appear on the show, telling Williams that she shared her grievances about her past experiences on the show with a show producer. Williams said the producer made Hernandez’s points known to her, alleging Hernandez yelled at the producer during the entire conversation.

When Shadow and Act spoke with Hernandez, she made it clear that people recognizing her growth was important to her. “I regret everything,” she admitted, noting that when she is reminded of certain behaviors or statements, she’s embarrassed. “More recently, I’ve stopped regretting. Now it’s like I’m grown, I said it, it is what it is, if you don’t like it I can’t help you and then I keep it pushing. It’s life…we live and learn and we just have to grow from it.”

Twitter was here for the exchange, praising Hernandez for not bowing down to the media maven. Others thought that Williams was not in the wrong and stood her ground.

The exchange got less tense and more cordial as it went on but it will definitely go down as one of the show’s wildest moments.