Joseline Hernandez Says Wendy Williams Tried Contacting Her After Their Contentious Interview, No Chance Of Reconciliation
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Joseline Hernandez Says Wendy Williams Tried Contacting Her After Their Contentious Interview, No Chance Of Reconciliation

The Puerto Rican Princess is not over what happened between her and Wendy Williams. Wendy watchers recall Joseline Hernandez’s interview on The Wendy Williams Show last month. While Hernandez was visiting to discuss season 2 of Joseline’s Cabaret on the streaming platform Zeus, the two began a tense exchange with Hernandez accusing Williams of not treating her guests of color with grace. Hernandez called Williams out, demanding that Williams give her the “flowers” she deserves.

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“I have the number one show in the country,” Hernandez told Williams, hinting to why she feels she deserves better treatment.

Williams shot back, telling Hernandez, “You have the number one show on Zeus and you just got renewed for a third season, which is to be commended. Hernandez told Williams that she needs to “do better,” while shading Williams’ relationship with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter in the process. “We love you but at the same time, you have to do better,” Hernandez said. “You’re not in an abusive relationship anymore.”

Williams insists the only reason she’s hard on people of color is because she understands what’s stacked against them. She also revealed that Hernandez was hesitant to even appear on the show, with Hernandez allegedly yelling at the producer during their pitch meeting.

But Hernandez spoke of her grievances prior to speaking with Williams. When speaking with Shadow and Act, she said she’s doing her best to avenge her past behavior. “I regret everything,” she admitted, noting that when she is reminded of certain behaviors or statements, she’s embarrassed. “More recently, I’ve stopped regretting. Now it’s like I’m grown, I said it, it is what it is, if you don’t like it I can’t help you and then I keep it pushing. It’s life…we live and learn and we just have to grow from it.”

Now, Hernandez doesn’t regret her exchange with Williams, telling ET Online, “She was very rude and as the host, no matter who you are, you still should be respectful to the people that sit in front of you and speak to you and give you their story…and their conversation.”

Furthermore, she says she was offended by Williams throwing flowers at her during the interview as an attempt to move the interview along. “When she threw flowers at me, when she being real disrespectful and not acknowledging the fact that when Latinas and Black women sit on hr couch, she’s always going annihilation. She don’t give me my props for nothing that I do.”

Hernandez ended by saying there’s no chance in a reconciliation, “I was like, I don’t want to talk to that b**ch. I’m sick of her.”

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