Joseline Hernandez Slammed For Agreeing With Boosie's Stance On Lil Nas X, Later Clarifies Statement
Photo Credit: Paras Griffin

Joseline Hernandez Slammed For Agreeing With Boosie's Stance On Lil Nas X, Later Clarifies Statement

Boosie isn’t a newcomer to controversy. The Baton Rouge, Louisana native ruffles feathers with his often unsolicited opinions. It was no surprise that his recent appearance on The Breakfast Club would cause such a stir. However, the ultimate shocker is Joseline Hernandez agreeing with Boosie’s sentiments about Lil Nas X.

The Breakfast Club posted the video clip of Boosie standing on his sentiments. While many of the reactions were mixed to negative, Hernandez decided to drop her two cents. The Puerto Rican Princess commented on the social media post agreeing with Boosie’s feeling of “having to speak up” for the heterosexual population and not being allowed to speak about heterosexuality as freely.

She wrote, “Boosie is right. And that’s why Bonnie don’t have a T.v. Smh. Push whatever you want but mines won’t be brainwashed.”

Hernandez who has been sexually fluid since the beginning of her days on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta appeared to have forgotten her sexually explicit content, overtly sexual style and lyrics as well as her less than ideal manner in securing her child’s father, despite his involvement with Mimi.

The backlash and negative response to Hernandez’s comment was swift:

After receiving reprimanding across social media, Hernandez wrote, “Yall reaching. I also myself like a lil licki licki…But I’m not the 1,2 or 3 to expose children to the xtreme of showcasing something that should not be taught to our children at such a young age. When the age is right you tell the kids hey this is what it is.”

Before Hernandez bowed off social media, she told critics to “get off her big d***”.

The Puerto Rican princess, this logic doesn’t make sense and it looks like fans will continue to hold her accountable, especially given her past history and current actions.

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