Kanye West May Be Joining "The Jetsons" Film As "Creative Director"
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Kanye West May Be Joining "The Jetsons" Film As "Creative Director"

nullYou never know what to expect from the always outspoken Kanye West and that can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your perspective.  So when he recently tweeted "I was just discussing becoming the creative director for the 'Jetson' movie" amongst a series of twitter rants concerning his fashion career, it seems he was actually telling the truth.

Denise Di Nove, a producer for the project, recently confirmed with MTV the conversation stating…"Kanye's always been a Jetsons fan, I think because he's so into design and he loves the design aspects.  So we had a fun brainstorming conversation."

So far, they're still in the early stages of talks and no deal has been signed yet.  She adds…"There are a lot of Jetsons fanatics out there, especially people that are into either futuristic science or design. He was interested in creatively brainstorming what we were doing with the movie and what ideas he might have. It was a really friendly, preliminary conversation.  He was going to think about it more and see if he got inspired visually. He's a very visual artist."

Definitely an interesting development we'll keep our eye on.  Certainly would be nice to see what he could add.  Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Di Nova explained to nymag.com that West wouldn't be "creative director" on the production because, after all,…"There is no such thing on a movie."  However, she did clarify that they have been in talks about his involvement, in some capacity, when the production secures a script and director.  "I was thinking he was interested in it on a musical level, but apparently he’s deeply interested in art and architecture and wanted to be involved,” she said.

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