"Kentucky Fried Chicken!" - Every Line of Dialogue Rihanna Says in "Battleship"
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"Kentucky Fried Chicken!" - Every Line of Dialogue Rihanna Says in "Battleship"


Hah! It's Saturday, so why not… and after you read this, if you haven't already, read my post on director Peter Berg's lengthy explanation on his decision to cast her in the film (despite reservations) HERE.

Courtesy of New York magazine's Vulture… every line of dialogue Rihanna says in Battleship:

Rihanna's film debut is a memorable one. The Barbadian singer is wet for much of Battleship, her Navy uniform is uncommonly flattering, and the majority of her dialogue is composed of exclamations. It's a veritable masterclass in one-line utterances. Most of her lines fall into one of several categories: sassy ("Get up, princess!"), confused ("What the hell is that?") or surprisingly competent  ("Contact 2 miles out.") But enough of this. Let Rihanna speak for herself.

– "What's wrong with you drama queen?

– "Get up princess! Come on!"

– "Typical"

– "Shut up. Shut up."

– "Oh, this gon' be sweet. He hates the man."

– "You go mess with him and see what happens!"

– "Chicken!"

– "Kentucky Fried Chicken!"

And that's only about a third of it; Click HERE for the rest of the story.

Anyone seen the movie AND loved it? Reviews have been mostly terrible.

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