Kickstart This: A Documentary on Africa's Long-Distance Love Affair With English Football, Told by Fans in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya & DR Congo
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Kickstart This: A Documentary on Africa's Long-Distance Love Affair With English Football, Told by Fans in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya & DR Congo


A blog I’ve been reading for a few years, and, quite frankly, you should be too if you’re a reader of this blog, Africa Is a Country, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance what will be their very first, and hopefully not last, feature film production – a documentary titled that football (or as we call it here in the USA, soccer) fans (and others, I’m sure) will surely appreciate.

The goal is to raise $2,881 in the next 30 days, although not to finance the entire film; the funds will go towards producing a short teaser that will likely then be used to help attract financing to pay for the making of the eventual feature, which will be titled “Africa’s Premier League.”

So first read the details and watch the sales pitch, lifted from the project’s Kickstarter page, which follow below. And then head over to the project’s Kickstarter page – here – for more information on the film, including how to make your contribution to the campaign:

Africa is obsessed with the English Premier League. The continent may be divided by old colonial borders, thousands of different languages, and major cultural, political and economic differences. But Africa is united every weekend around the spellbinding spectacle of English football.

The everyday lives of Africa’s football fans are all different. Yet they share a long-distance love affair, with all the hopes, fears, joys and sadness that comes with it.

If it’s not Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame taking time out to tweet his views on his beloved Arsenal, then it’s the millions of ordinary Africans across the continent who are glued to TV sets in bars and bespoke viewing centres, from tiny villages to heaving mega-cities like Lagos or Kinshasa.

We want to show, in depth and detail, exactly how English football fits into the ordinary lives of African supporters.

Our film will tell the story of Africa’s passion for the English Premier League, through the eyes of the fans themselves.

If you love what we’ve been doing at Africa is a Country all these years — bringing you that fresh, incisive analysis of African politics and culture — you’ll love our very first full-length documentary film project: AFRICA’S PREMIER LEAGUE. And we’d love to have your support in getting this project off the ground.

AFRICA’S PREMIER LEAGUE follows four fans – in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Congo – as they live through the highs and lows of a football season, and explores the overwhelming attraction of English football in Africa. AFRICA’S PREMIER LEAGUE will be a feature-length documentary film, a web series & a TV series.

With your help, we will take our crucial first step: making a high quality short film teaser on the life of an EPL fanatic in Cape Town, South Africa. We’ll use that to win big backers and distribution for the full-length project.

Check out the video sales pitch below; and underneath you’ll find the project’s Kickstarter widget:

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