Kickstart This: An Unprecedented, All-Access Documentary About the Kids Who Inspired the 1995 Cult Classic 'Kids'
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Kickstart This: An Unprecedented, All-Access Documentary About the Kids Who Inspired the 1995 Cult Classic 'Kids'

KIDS - HunterTwenty years later, since Larry Clark’s “Kids” shocked audiences, some of the "kids" from the film, now adults, want to produce a film recalling their experience in making the film, and they’ve launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to finance the production of what they describe as an unprecedented, all-access documentary about the inside story of the kids who inspired the 1995 cult classic.

The campaign’s goal is $81,000 to be raised by September 10.

Currently in pre-production, the film will "capture the formative, vital, and at times traumatic emotional magnitude that the kids from Kids experienced before, during, and after the film’s inception and global success." In addition, the filmmakers say that the film will not only "highlight how various cultural displays of inner turmoil manifested as they did, but also celebrate the 1990s: the dying breath of old New York."

Larry Clark himself is fully supportive of the documentary which will mix never-before-seen archival footage, with present-day interviews featuring the core cast of characters from "Kids." 

From the Kickstarter campaign announcement: "This film is about our real lives and the real stories that inspired Kids, as well as the lives lost in the journey: Harold Hunter, Justin Pierce, Keenan Milton, Mike Cardona, and Sajan Bhagat. This film is for them. Our project is about honoring the community that built a global movement and inspired a game-changing film. It is only right that it be an international communal effort to make this project take flight. We want to unite together. All of us. Not just us, THE KIDS, but anyone who’s ever felt unheard. We want this film to be a worldwide effort to honor the legacy and culture that inspired ‘Kids.’ We want you to help us tell this story. To honor the lives of those we’ve lost. And to make new history about a moment in time."

The film will be directed by Hamilton Harris, a first-time filmmaker who played a role in “Kids." The documentary has been in the works for about two years. Peter Bici, also another character in “Kids," is a producer.  

Accused of child exploitation, the film received an NC-17 rating when released in 1995. 

It was written by Harmony Korine, although it was based on the real lives of its nonprofessional cast. 

The movie marked the start of Rosario Dawson’s acting career, among others. 

Watch the pitch video for the upcoming documentary below, and if you’re sold, visit the campaign page here, to contribute:

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