Kickstart This: Film Adaptation of Edwidge Danticat's Haitian Family Drama 'Caroline's Wedding'
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Kickstart This: Film Adaptation of Edwidge Danticat's Haitian Family Drama 'Caroline's Wedding'


Haitian American author and actress Edwidge Danticat has lent the rights for her short story “Caroline’s Wedding” to be adapted into a feature film. New York based filmmaker and NYU Cinema Studies graduate student Easmanie Michel recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to jumpstart production on the project, which is set to be her feature directorial debut. 

“Caroline’s Wedding” is the last story in Danticat’s collection Krik? Krak!, which was published in 1995 and centers on: 

The narrator and protagonist, Gracina (Grace) Azile, who, with her mother and sister Caroline, has immigrated to the United States from Haiti. It describes the cross-generational and cross-cultural conflicts triggered by Caroline’s wedding to a non-Haitian man. Danticat introduces her readers to traditional stories, games, beliefs, and rituals from a culture that is little known or understood outside Haiti. In particular, the story explores the role of storytelling and tradition, and the relationship between mother and daughter, in creating social and family cohesion. 

Michel is set to adapt the work along with co-writers France-Luce Beeson and Darcy Miller. Producer Stephanie Dawson and cinematographer Kay Chung round out the production team.  

The project is being called the first feature adaptation of Danticat’s work. Previously a film version of her novel The Dew Breaker was long in the works, with HBO attached and Danny Glover, Sophie Okonedo and Chiwetel Ejiofor in talks to star at different points in its development, though there’s been no recent news on whether that film will come to fruition. 


Find the fundraising pitch for Caroline’s Wedding below, and to donate, visit their Kickstarter page HERE or by clicking the widget underneath.

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