Kickstart This: Help Bring the First-ever African Film Festival to New Zealand
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Kickstart This: Help Bring the First-ever African Film Festival to New Zealand

nullThe pitch video below doesn’t exactly inspire (they could’ve done a much better job with it, quite frankly, from a content and technical standpoint), but I’m all for the idea of an African film festival in any part of the world that doesn’t already have one, bringing the best in African cinema to local film enthusiasts.

So, if you’re encouraged to contribute to this crowdfunding campaign that will help launch an African film festival in New Zealand, do so. Their goal is to raise 2500 NZD, which is about $2000, by January 30.

I should note that there is the "Out of Africa" sidebar that’s part of the New Zealand International Film Festival, which showcases contemporary African cinema. But, it’s a piece of a larger festival, and not the festival’s sole focus, as will be the case for this one. 

Here’s relevant info from the project’s Kickstarter page:

Welcome to the first ever African Film Festival New Zealand! We are bringing a programme of African films to New Zealand, for seven whole days of magic cinema. This is the first time in New Zealand that there has ever been a film festival dedicated solely to films made by producers and directors from across the Continent and we are very excited to be able to offer it to our African and Kiwi audiences.

Africa has a rich history of storytelling – yet once the world discovered film, the continent became nothing more than an exotic backdrop to Hollywood’s dark fantasies. Not surprisingly, when Africans began making films for and about themselves, the results were as dynamic and passionate as the continent itself. AFFNZ will showcase new work from emerging directors, as well as celebrated classics that helped launch an industry. For many New Zealanders, this will be their first view of modern Africa and her people from beyond the lenses and filters of mainstream news media. We are confident that this event will become an annual favourite on the film festival calendar. 

It’s no small thing, organising seven days of film and we found out fast that it takes a bit more than passion and dreaming. The truth is we need cold hard cash!

Any donations will be leapt on with great gratitude and used exclusively to help with sourcing the first of our films. We’ve got some great titles in mind and look forward to sharing trailers and synopses on our website and Facebook Page.

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