Kierra Sheard Talks Denise's Involvement In 'The Clark Sisters,' Potential Reunion And More
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Kierra Sheard Talks Denise's Involvement In 'The Clark Sisters,' Potential Reunion And More

Shadow And Act’s latest Locked Down With ___ live Facebook Q&A featured Kierra Sheard, gospel singer, actress and daughter of The Clark Sisters’ Karen Clark-Sheard.

Sheard, who portrayed her mother in the Lifetime film The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel, answered several questions, such as if Twinkie Clark did get her rights back to her music, which Sheard confirmed that yes, Clark did get her rights back. She also talked about reaching out to her aunt Denise Clark-Bradford (portrayed by Raven Goodwin in the film), whom she said she has a  distant” relationship with.

On the relationship with her aunt, whom she affectionally refers to as Niecy, she said, We’ve tried reaching out to my aunt,” said Sheard, adding that it “not been the smoothest event or experience.”

But she’s super vibrant. When I talked her to her the first time, it was super fun.” Sheard said she was looking forward to the talk because of how her mother has always spoken highly of Clark-Bradford. She has often said that I remind her a lot of my aunt…because I’m talkative, I like to be informed, I like to read and she says I’m well-spoken…but [the] relationship [with Denise] is distant, I’ll say that, but we connected with her children.”

Sheard spoke specifically about a close relationship she has with one of Denise’s sons and how they have relationships with the others as well. We have a connection with the kids…well not kids, because they’re full-grown men now,” she joked. As shown in the film, she has seven sons.

Sheard said she’s not sure if Clark-Bradford was involved in the film despite being invited to join. When someone asked about a reunion, she did say that while there’s no plan reunion as of yet, it is something that the Clark Sisters have wanted to accomplish.

I think that would be super dope,” said Sheard. We’ve just got to make sure everybody’s on one accord.”

She also hopes there will be a sequel or miniseries and urged fans to reach out to Lifetime and tell them you want more.”



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