LAFF 2017 Preview: Documentary Competition Selection 'Two Four Six'
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LAFF 2017 Preview: Documentary Competition Selection 'Two Four Six'


With the festival 2 weeks away, we’ll begin highlighting films that will be of specific interest to readers of this blog…

A documentary film by Leyla Nedorosleva set to make its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF, June 14-22) in the Documentary Competition, “Two Four Six” is set mainly in present day Dallas, TX and Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and features three main characters at three different stages of the same process. Supported by a nonprofit, these extremely tall teenagers come to the United States from Haiti using basketball as means to get an education and help bring some change to their home country.

At the center of the narrative are Pierre Valmera, Schnider Herard, Djery Baptiste, Pierre Joseph, Marckendy, Joseph, and Andy Clerveau. The film follows mentor Pierre Valmera, 32, a retired pro basketball player, operating the non-profit organization, connecting kids to various colleges, helping them with paperwork and genuinely caring for them as they retrace the steps he made years ago. We get close to Schnider, 17, as he copes with his new, quite exhausting and scheduled life in his guardian’s apartment, completely different from his way of living as a kid in Haiti. We see him getting better at basketball and learning to tame his somewhat rebellious nature for the greater good. Experts already compare him to LeBron James when he was the same age. In addition, we meet Pierre, 15, living with his mother in a makeshift house in the outskirts of Port-Au-Prince, walking for hours every day to the amateur basketball court, too poor to afford public transit. He is excited to study in the U.S., waiting for the nearest opportunity.

Director Leyla Nedorosleva presents the lives of a mentor and his mentees who are hoping to unlock brighter futures for themselves, their families and their home country.

“Two Four Six” has its world premiere screening at the LAFF on Monday, June 19th at 8:50pm at Arclight Cinemas Culver City.

Check out a trailer below:

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