LaKeith Stanfield Denies Having An Anti-Vax Stance After Deleted Instagram
Photo Credit: Robin Marshall/Getty Images

LaKeith Stanfield Denies Having An Anti-Vax Stance After Deleted Instagram

LaKeith Stanfield, soon to be seen in Netflix’s The Harder They Fall, is causing yet another social media stir after a recent social media post. Many speculated that the post had anti-vax sentiments, something that Stanfield thas denied.

Stanfield posted and deleted a text Instagram which read, “No one should be forcing anyone to put anything in their body.”

Newsweek reports that he also added the caption, “There are always other ways to be safe.” Newsweek also quotes from Canadian entertainment site Exclaim!, which reported that one of Stanfield’s followers wrote, “I keep seeing this statement, but I don’t see people being forced to do it?” Stanfield reportedly responded to the comment, writing, “I haven’t seen anyone being forced. I’m just stating the obvious I guess.”

Stanfield later posted a photo with friends. With social media still buzzing about the deleted post, someone commented and asked, “are u anti vax?” Stanfield responded by saying, “nahh some ppl just don’t investigate before labeling.”

Fans online were upset with Stanfield’s latest post and even if he didn’t directly reference the vaccine and the pandemic, everyone started to put two and two together given the state of the world and current events.

Stanfield, who will also return to FX’s Atlanta, also courted controversy earlier this year when he was made a moderator in a Clubhouse room about Louis Farrakhan which included anti-Semitic sentiments from participants. Stanfield later released several statements to make it clear that he doesn’t support anti-Semitism.

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