Leon Isaac Kennedy Planning a Return to the Big Screen
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Leon Isaac Kennedy Planning a Return to the Big Screen

nullThose of

a certain generation, will most likely remember actor/producer Leon Isaac Kennedy.

While one can rightly say that he never achieved A-list status, he definitely

had quite a run from the late 70’s to the early 90’s, and gained a following

after his lead role as Too Sweet in the "Penitentiary" film trilogy, directed by the

late Jamma Fanaka (for disclosure’s sake, I worked on the first one), "Body and

Soul," "Lone Wolf McQuade" with Chuck Norris, and a host of TV roles.

But some 20

years ago, as Kennedy said himself, “I

knew I needed to look deeper and find a higher purpose for my life. I heard ‘the

calling;’” and he left acting to become a minister, which he still is today, based in Burbank.

Not for

good, however. After 2 decades, Kennedy has announced that

he is returning to feature films, with a new project currently in development, called "Heavenly Stars."

Exactly what

the premise of the film is, isn’t yet known, other than being described as a "Christmas movie," and whether Kennedy, aside from acting in the film, will also have

any involvement behind the camera, has not been revealed either.

But he has

been sending out e-mails, announcing “I’M BACK!” and has both Facebook (HERE)

and Twitter (HERE) pages for the film. He also says that in another week or so, he will announce more details about the project.

We’ll have

to wait and a see.

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