Lester Holt All Set to Become the Permanent Anchor on NBC Nightly News
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Lester Holt All Set to Become the Permanent Anchor on NBC Nightly News

nullNo that image is no a joke. Did you

know that NBC anchorman Lester Holt plays the bass and likes to jam with The

Roots?  Actually he’s a real pro and has been playing the

bass, both the stand up acoustic and

electric bass, since junior high school

But aside from

the little bit of trivia and perhaps more important is that NBC last week realized

that they had to do what they had to do and it’s been reported that Holt will stay

where he is and become the permanent anchor for NBC Nightly News.

As I

reported last month (HERE), Holt has, for years, been NBC News’ go to guy for

everything, but has been mainly relegated to the “second tier” position after

the formally sainted Brian Williams. Williams, however, increasingly was making

it clear that he would rather be a late night comedian than a news anchor.

After the

scandal last year when it was revealed that Williams had lied about events he claimed he experienced while covering major news events for the network, he

was removed and placed on a six month suspension and Holt was tapped to take

his place on the newscast.

Well that suspension

is nearly up and according to reports, after an internal  investigation, it looks like the Williams

scandal is much bigger than it first looked and NBC can’t allow Williams to return.

According to

CNN “Williams is unlikely to return to the anchor chair when his suspension is

up. Negotiations between NBC executives and Williams’ attorney are focused on

two potential paths: a new role for Williams, or an exit from the network”.

That means

that everything is free and clear for Holt to keep the anchor position permanently

and since ratings have been steady since Holt took over and the NBC Nightly News

still the most watched network newscast, NBC would be incredibly stupid to put

someone else in the position.

And it goes

without saying that NBC News execs knew that the news department would not be

taken seriously ever again if they bought back Williams  to his old job.

Also many

media observers say that Holt’s stellar reporting of the Amtrak derailment in

Philadelphia last month, far surpassing anything Williams would have done and

the solid ratings, sealed the deal for Holt staying put.

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