Jobs Tiffany Haddish And Billy Porter Would Do If They Weren't Acting
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Jobs Tiffany Haddish And Billy Porter Would Do If They Weren't Acting

The cast members of Like A Boss are, of course, pros in the acting industry. But they also have some back-up skills and dreams of other careers aside from entertaining the masses.

Since the film is about chasing your dreams and going after you want no matter what, Shadow And Act’s Trey Mangum asked the cast what they would do for a career if they weren’t acting. Tiffany Haddish said she would be a specific kind of teacher.

“A sex education teacher,” she said. “I would be the best sex education teacher ever, and all of my students would be STD free ’cause I would teach them the way to not be sick,” she joked.

Billy Porter said his love for cooking is why he might have become a chef if it weren’t for acting, and Salma Hayek took her alternative career to outer space, saying she would probably have been an astronaut.

“Sometimes I actually dream about it, that I’m floating in space,” she said, adding that the closest she feels to actually being in space is when she does one of her hobbies, skydiving.

Watch the fun video below:


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