‘Like Mike’ Sequel In The Works, According To Bow Wow
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‘Like Mike’ Sequel In The Works, According To Bow Wow

Shad Moss aka Bow Wow dropped a shocking revelation for his fans and those who enjoyed the 2000s movie, Like Mike.

When someone asked him on Twitter if there would be a sequel to Lottery Ticket, Bow Wow did not confirm or deny. Instead, he said that a Like Mike sequel is in the works.

On Twitter, he wrote, “We are working on a like mike sequel. Its all just ideas as if now. But yes we have been talking. So far so good”

Like Mike was released in 2002 with a production budget of $30 million. Its global revenue earned twice as much, totaling $62.3 million. The film starred the rapper-actor along with Morris Chestnut and Johnathan Lipnicki.

Four years later, in 2006, the direct-to-video, standalone sequel, Like Mike 2: Streetball was released. The original cast was not featured in the film and it did not have the original film’s director or writer. That film also does not mention or reference any of the first film’s events.

“Leave it alone, y’all already ruined it with Like Mike 2…,” a fan pointed out.

Bow Wow replied, “We didnt do like mike 2. Im back with the original writer of the classic! Like mike 2 shoulda have never been made.”

Another Twitter user suggested that his daughter be involved in the sequel.

Bow Wow responded by stating that his 10-year old daughter with Joie Chavis, Shai Moss would be involved with the film.

“Shhhhh…… another gem ima drop. It won’t be called LIKE MIKE. But LIKE someone. We are taking our time with this one. I believe this mite be bigger than original. Can’t wait.”

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