London Film School’s Fast Forward Producing Program Looking For A Few Good Men & Women
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London Film School’s Fast Forward Producing Program Looking For A Few Good Men & Women


Giving credit where credit is due, I have to tip my hat to

Nadia Denton who informed me about The London Film School’s Fast Forward

Producing 2014 program, which is currently looking for applicants.

Called “an intensive three week program taking place from

Monday March 31st to Friday April 18th, the program will take ten new

producers through the entire process of developing, packaging, financing,

shooting, post-producing and selling their feature films.

According to Ms. Denton, the London Film School and the Fast

Forward Producing program “are keen to ensure that there is sufficient

awareness amongst black filmmakers,” and that she attended one of the functions

last year for the program, and that it “was a real eye opener as to how the upper

levels of the UK film industry operate and what you need to successful navigate


According to Archie

Tait, who’s the LFS Head of Projects, the main reason for this program is to introduce people to what a film producer is and they do:


film producer needs to be a lot of different people… a film critic, a film

historian, a talent scout, an X Factor judge, a lawyer, an accountant, a factory

foreman, a marketer, a publisher, and an excellent judge of what a worldwide

audience is going to want to see in two or three years’ time.”

He also goes on to say that:


should be highly articulate and entrepreneurial, and also a thoughtful analyst

and strategist. In military terms, you’re a general. But most of the time, you

don’t have an army – it’s just you. This program introduces you to the industry

professionals who will help you devise your strategy, and your battle plan.”

One of the people who attended the first program in 2012 was

Farhana Bhula, who, afterward, produced

her first feature Bonobo, and who is

very enthusiastic about the program, sharing:


a direct result of this program, I am confident about building a team, and more

importantly carving out a personal identity as a producer. I have raised my

entire budget… with the help of lawyers who also mentored us and gone into

production. There is no way I would have had the courage or knowledge to do

this so swiftly and convincingly without the training I received at LFS.’

The deadline for applications is 12 Noon on Friday January 31st, so hurry, since there are only ten openings available.

For further information and to apply go HERE.


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