'Look Both Ways' Teaser: Lili Reinhart, Nia Long And More In Netflix Film From 'Rafiki' Director Wanuri Kahiu
Photo Credit: Netflix

'Look Both Ways' Teaser: Lili Reinhart, Nia Long And More In Netflix Film From 'Rafiki' Director Wanuri Kahiu

Netflix has released the teaser for Look Both Ways, the latest film from Rafiki Wanuri Kahiu that stars Lili Reinhart, Nia Long, Danny Ramirez and more.

Here is the official synopsis from Netflix:

On the eve of her college graduation, Natalie’s [Lili Reinhart] life diverges into parallel realities: one in which she becomes pregnant and remains in her hometown, and another in which she does not and moves to Los Angeles. In both journeys, Natalie experiences life-changing love, pursues her dream career as an artist, and rediscovers herself.

'Look Both Ways' also stars David Corenswet, Aisha Dee, Andrea Savage and Luke Wilson.

The film is written by April Prosser. Producers include Bryan Unkeless, Eric Newman, and Jessica Malanaphy, with executive producers including Reinhart, Alyssa Rodrigues, Jini Durr and Jeanette Volturno.

The director to Netflix's Tudum about how the film is personal for her.

“My Look Both Ways moment was when I was standing with a pregnancy test,” she said. “In that moment, I realized that I had made the choice to have a child and [knew] that my life from that point on would split and be dramatically different than what I had imagined for myself.”

Kahiu's 'Rafiki' made headlines after it was banned in its home nation of Kenya.

It was banned in Kenya due to its subject matter featuring a lesbian couple. Via a lawsuit against the Kenyan government, the film’s director, Wanuri Kahiu, was able to win a temporary lift of the ban so the film could be eligible for Oscars contention. The film was also the first Kenyan film to screen at the Cannes Film Festival.

As Joi Childs wrote for S&A in her TIFF review of the film, “It’s undoubtedly a shame that the film’s home country wasn’t initially willing to acknowledge the beauty of Rafiki‘s depictions of lesbian love and countless other real-life same-sex relationships. Kahiu’s film reinforces that being who you are and loving in spite of the opinions of others is still a revolutionary act.”

Watch the trailer for 'Look Both Ways' below: