'Loot': Maya Rudolph And Michaela Jaé Rodriguez On The Workplace Comedy That's A Coming-Of-Age Story On Grown Adults
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'Loot': Maya Rudolph And Michaela Jaé Rodriguez On The Workplace Comedy That's A Coming-Of-Age Story On Grown Adults

Regardless of your career, social status, or bank account, there’s a time when we all must come to terms with the reality that we don’t have our lives all figured out– and Apple TV+’s Loot, is a testament to how even wealthy, prominent figures also share the inevitable fate. 

Starring Maya Rudolph, Molly Novak is a billionaire who goes from living her best life to being dragged by the tabloids following her failed marriage due to her husband’s infidelity. Her life is turned upside down and it leads her to discover that she has her own charity foundation, which is run by Sofia Salinas (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez).

With the industry constantly filled with shows focused on adolescents exploring who they are, Loot — created, written and executive produced by Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard — is a coming-of-age story-esque story for grown adults.

Shadow and Act recently spoke to Rudolph, Rodriguez, Joel Kim Booster, Ron Funches and Nat Faxon about the series.

Although their paths aren’t entirely identical, Rudolph has walked in similar shoes like Molly’s when it comes to reaching freeing moments of self-discovery and reflection.

“We continue to grow as we enter new chapters of our lives and I think especially because I’m Molly’s age, I really recognize that,” she said about her own personal experience. “In terms of who you thought you were going to be in your twenties and who you are when you’re actually in your forties. And those paths might’ve taken very different turns. I don’t miss not knowing who I was. I really enjoy knowing who I am and also being open to change. I think more so now than I used to be.”

Following her breakout role as Blanca Evangelista in FX’s Pose, Rodriguez has been venturing into her own self-exploration of who she wants to be as an actress. In the pursuit of being in more genres outside of drama, landing the role of Sofia has expanded her acting chops in the comedy world. Additionally, it’s opened the door to a type of character she’s never portrayed before. 

“I felt like I had to do a lot of work and searching for this character as it was completely different from Blanca,” Rodriguez said of her portrayal as Sofia.

“There were so many pieces that Blanca had that were tied to me, whereas Sophia, we are totally different. One thing that we’re similar is that we love to work, but other than that, I have a family that loves me. I have a good support system. I think Sophia had that as well, but her struggle was a bit harder than mine. And I think that was a little different for me to really delve into and to learn about that.”

As both Molly and Sofia are finding their footing in the world, they have helping hands from their fellow colleagues in the workplace including Molly’s assistant Nicholas (Kim Booster), her cousin Howard (Funches) and accountant Arthur (Faxon) — who are all respectively learning who they are outside of the foundation.

Loot premieres on Apple TV+ on June 24.

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